The Stirring of a Leader’s Heart

October 9, 2016

Message by in the series . Scripture: Neh. 1:1 (ESV)

It is often said that everything rises and falls on leadership. For this reason, every generation needs good leaders. Where there is a crisis of leadership there will be a crisis in the land (Pr. 11:14a).

As we begin this study on leadership, we must understand the difference between a leader and a demagogue. A true leader leads by righteous conviction, but a demagogue leads only by popular opinion.

In our text, God begins to rise up a true leader named Nehemiah whose heart was stirred for a righteous cause.

Background: King Cyrus Decree (539 BC) / Exiles Return… Under Zerubbabel (536 BC) / Under Ezra (457 BC) / Under Nehemiah (444 BC9